Gusto's Bar and Grill 

Crest Hill,  Illinois 

Saturday, September  2


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Catch the spirit of Woodstock with  70's Acoustic Show!

Rickey Allen Meredith Is the real deal when it comes to 70's music! 40 years on the scene performing the music that brings every crowd the experience  and "WOW" they came for.


Franci Meredith brings peace,  harmony and light percussion to the vibe. She is featured on a hand full of cool tunes.


Contact information for bookings:


Franci Meredith MGR - 217 871 2258

Rickey Meredith - 217 871 1509

Email - rickeymeredith@yahoo.com or bgfran@hotmail.com

Facebook Messenger - www.facebook.com/seventiesvibe 



70's Acoustic Show 


Greatest hits of the 70's covering your favorite artists such as.. ELO, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Zappa, CSNY, ARS, BTO, Mama's and Papa's, Blue Oyster Cult, America, Doobie Brothers, and many more..


We generally perform throughout all of Illinois and neighboring states. We perform venues and events of

all types and sizes.. State fairs, festivals, theaters, oprys, pubs, wineries, bars, radio, television, ect.



70's Acoustic Show Photos